Self care

Take time. Slow down.
Breathe deep. Be still. Ask questions.
Go to bed on time. Eat healthy food. Meditate.
Skewer your guilt on a red-hot poker and burn it to ash.
Drink more water. Take a walk. Look at trees. Listen to water.
Stand at the abyss and vomit your shame over the edge.
Move your body. Wear sunscreen.
Write things down.
Tiptoe in.
Say goodbye to your old selves.
Cultivate a vice and make it a good one. Develop more rituals.
Rip your ambitions open to find the fear. Keep ripping until you make confetti.
Throw yourself a party and only invite people you really like.
Cut off contact with everyone who didn’t get an invite.
Offer no explanations. Scream in your car.
Growl softly in public places.
Read poetry.
Bury your dead.
Walk away from bad conversations.
Nurture your idiosyncrasies like an exotic plant.
Stretch. Cry about everything. Laugh about everything.
Do tiny weird things that only you know about. Try some yoga.
Send more memes, even the dirty ones. (Especially the dirty ones.) Turn the music up.
Dance like everybody’s watching and you’re Madonna at the 1989 AIDS Dance-A-Thon benefit.
Lay on the floor and sob like a baby.
Learn to identify birds.
Take your vitamins.
Talk about things you love.
Be obstinate about your favorites.
Burp aggressively while making eye contact with anyone who interrupts you.
Create a daily routine that keeps you stable even when you’re not.
Use the frilly toothpicks. Be both intimidating and kind.
Turn your bed into the coziest nest.
Don’t smile unless you feel it.
Be as wild as you want.
Start over.
Be silent and stare loudly. Embrace your insignificance.
Indulge in things that help you sleep good. Make friends with the void; give it a nickname.
Tell jokes that make you laugh. Accept boredom but only on your own terms. Make things badly.
Blend up your past failures and eat them on toast so you can incorporate their latent power.
Relish the embarrassment of your own idiocy.
Give up.
Put the bullshit in a box.
Wear clothes you can run, jump, or nap in with equal comfort.
When the center will not hold let it fucking explode. Eat the rainbow and drink the alphabet.
Get rid of beliefs that keep you stuck in cycles of self-hatred.
Make a list of things you like about yourself.
Pick your own purpose.
Get fucked up.
Get comfortable with discomfort.
Stop trying to turn cauliflower into rice.
Say no. Say no again. And again. And again. Keep saying no.
Eliminate all words from your vocabulary except no and synonyms of no and see where you end up.
Like it? Stay there. Don’t like it? Learn a new word, like maybe or yes.
Learn the difference between saying something and meaning it.
Climb a tree. Hug a tree. Ask a tree to adopt you.
Don’t agree to things against your nature.
Don’t be so agreeable.
Optimize for delight.
Keep an eye out for the holy shit! people.
Don’t do anything you wouldn’t ask your best friend to do.
Lay in the moss and think about the powerful witch you could be if you didn’t have other responsibilities.
Judge others based on their actions, never on appearance or words.
Strive to be stronger but only in the way you want to be strong.
Remember that you’re part of nature, too.
Use more profanity.