I’m Annie. I do the words.

I like writing and I’m kind of good at it. This makes me a valuable resource for people (like you?) who need writing but a) don’t like it and/or b) aren’t good at it.

My past clients include marketing firms, media and financial corporations, start-ups, app developers, and online publications, but that’s boring and nobody really cares.

My favorite thing is to work with small teams or solo professionals who’ve worked hard to make something great, and suddenly find themselves in need of content to support and promote that great thing they made.

I also love writing articles and posts and long-form content for a variety of publications, magazines, trade journals, blogs, and websites. More about that here.

Here’s what I look like, on a good day.

You may not guess it from my sunny, super-youthful appearance (thanks, photo filters!), but I’m married (for 15 years now) and we have four kids, ranging in age from 7 to 12. Also a dog named Sherlock.

Our life is a bit chaotic, but always interesting.

We live in Puerto Rico. Yep, that photo above isn’t from my latest luxurious freelance-funded vacation: it was just a regular Tuesday or something, and we went to the beach. Puerto Rico is a fabulous place for a vacation. Come on down, and let me know if you do. We can meet for coffee at the beach. Because that’s what you get to do on a tropical island.

Questions? Email is good, or here’s a contact form.

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Thanks for coming by!

(I love the Oxford comma, in case you were wondering.)