🤓 Hello


I’m Annie. Thanks for stopping by.

I live in Puerto Rico with my partner and our four children, who range in age from 8 to 13. Also a dog named Sherlock. Our life is a bit chaotic, but always interesting.

My business is Prolifica, a no-bullshit content agency for start-ups and small teams.

Our focus is on hassle-free content help:

  • standardized, predictable pricing,
  • streamlined systems, and (did I mention?)
  • no bullshit.

Writing all the things

I blog here regularly and elsewhere occasionally. I like to write about feelings, books, growth, creativity, relationships, and whatever else is interesting at the moment.

I publish a sweary newsletter as well.

  • I don’t publish guest posts here. Not ever. Really. Never. And here are some other things I don’t ever do.
  • PSA: If you’re a PR person with a pitch, here’s a form: send away. I review pitches weekly (so don’t @ me in 24 hours). Thank you!

I’d love to say hi, get your book recs, have a (virtual) conversation. Email is good: am AT annie mueller DOT com