My lifetime goal is to read all the books. 

Haha, just kidding, of course I can’t do that. *sob*

Reading 2020

2020 Reading goals: read more (in general); read more fiction; quit reading books I don’t love; remember more of what I read (to this end, I’m taking–and sharing, via newsletter–more reading notes).

No I will definitely not read all the books on this list in 2020.

Yes I will definitely keep adding more books to the list.


☑️Andrews, LorenCity of Husks
☑️Andrews, LorenFamily of Ruin
☑️Andrews, LorenChampion of Sin
☑️Andrews, LorenIsle of Before
☑️Arden, KatherineThe Bear and the Nightingale
Asimov, IsaacThe Foundation Trilogy
Banks, IainThe Culture Series
Bradbury, RayFahrenheit 451
☑️Bukowski, CharlesHam on Rye
☑️Bukowski, CharlesFactotum
Burgess, AnthonyA Clockwork Orange
Busby, F.M.Rissa Kerguelen
Clarke, SusannaJonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
Creevy, PatrickDivision
☑️Dick, Phillip K.The Man in the High Castle
Dick, Phillip K.Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Eddings, DavidThe Belgariad
☑️Egan, JenniferA Visit from the Goon Squad
Erikson, StevenThe Malazan Book of the Fallen series
Gaiman, NeilThe Sandman Series
Gaiman, NeilAmerican Gods
☑️Gaiman, NeilNeverwhere
Gibson, WilliamNeuromancer
Haldeman, JohnThe Forever War
Heinlein, Robert A.The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
Heinlein, Robert A.Starship Troopers
Herbert, FrankDune: Messiah
☑️Jemisin, N.K.The Stone Sky
Jemisin, N.K.The Inheritance Trilogy
King, StephenThe Stand
Le Guin, Ursula K.The Left Hand of Darkness
☑️Liu, CixinThe Three-Body Problem
Martin, George R. R.Clash of Kings
Matheson, RichardI Am Legend
Miller, Walter M. Jr.A Canticle for Leibowitz
Niven, LarryRingworld
☑️Pullman, PhillipThe Book of Dust
☑️Rand, AynAnthem
Rand, AynThe Fountainhead
Sagan, CarlContact
☑️Saunders, GeorgeLincoln in the Bardo
Scalzi, JohnOld Man’s War
Shepherd, PengThe Book of M
☑️Steinbeck, JohnEast of Eden
Stephenson, NealCryptonomicon
Stephenson, NealSeveneves
Stephenson, NealSnow Crash
Thomas, AngieThe Hate U Give
☑️Tremblay, PaulThe Cabin at the End of the World
Vonnegut, KurtCat’s Cradle
Vonnegut, KurtSlaughterhouse-Five
☑️Wells, MarthaThe Cloud Roads


Adler, AlfredWhat Life could Mean to You
Arendt, HannahThe Life of the Mind
Bach, RichardIllusions
☑️Brown, BreneDare to Lead
Brown, BreneDaring Greatly
☑️Bukowski, CharlesEssential Bukowski: Poetry
☑️Cardone, GrantBe Obsessed or Be Average
Campbell, JosephThe Hero with a Thousand Faces
☑️Cloud, HenryThe Power of the Other
Dalio, RayPrinciples: Life and Work
Damasio, AntonioThe Strange Order of Things
Davidson, James DaleThe Sovereign Individual
Deutsch, DavidThe Beginning of Infinity
Dyson, FreemanDisturbing the Universe
Edwards, BettyDrawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Feynman, Richard P.Six Easy Pieces
Gardner, MartinFads and Fallacies in the Name of Science
Gleick, JamesChaos: Making a New Science
Gornick, VivianThe Situation and the Story
Harari, Yuval NoahSapiens
Hartley, NinaNina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex
Herrigel, EugenZen in the Art of Archery
Jaynes, JulianThe Origin of Consciousness
Klosterman, ChuckBut What If We’re Wrong?
Koestler, ArthurThe Act of Creation
KrishnamurtiTotal Freedom
Leonard, GeorgeMastery
Miller, John H.A Crude Look at the Whole
Murdoch, IrisExistentialists and Mystics
Musashi, MiyamotoThe Book of Five Rings
Nietzsche, FriedrichEcce Homo: How One Becomes What One Is
Palmer, AmandaThe Art of Asking
Peterson, Jordan B.12 Rules for Life
Pinker, StevenThe Better Angels of Our Nature
Pollan, MichaelHow to Change Your Mind
Powys, John CowperThe Meaning of Culture
Ridley, MattThe Rational Optimist
Smith, AdamThe Wealth of Nations
Sowell, ThomasEconomic Facts and Fallacies
Spinoza, BenedictusEthics
Stone, Hal and SidraPartnering
Taleb, Nassim NicholasAntifragile or Fooled by Randomness
Watts, Alan W.Become What You Are
West, GeoffreyScale

Reading 2019 – completed


The Diamond Age is one of my all-time favorite books, but N.K. Jemisin’s trilogy is amazing. The Bone Clocks is also excellent.

Yancey, RickThe 5th Wave
Cline, ErnestReady Player One
Abe, KoboThe Woman in the Dunes
Buck, Pearl S.East Wind, West Wind
Jemisin, N.K.The Fifth Season
Jemisin, N.K.The Obelisk Gate
Kadish, RachelThe Weight of Ink
L’Engle, MadeleineThe Small Rain
Malerman, JoshBird Box
Mitchell, DavidThe Bone Clocks
Stephenson, NealThe Diamond Age


If I were going to recommend one book from this list, it would be James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.

Andersen, U.S.The Magic in Your Mind
Newport, CalDeep Work
brown, adrienne mareeEmergent Strategy
Clear, JamesAtomic Habits
Dweck, Carol. S.Mindset
Ferris, TimThe 4-Hour Body
Ferrini, PaulLove Without Conditions | Notes
Finkel, DavidBuild a Business, Not a Job
Foroux, DariusThink Straight
Gall, JohnSystemantics: The Systems Bible | Notes
Gray, KyleThe Story Engine
Greene, Robert*Mastery | Notes
Hardy, Benjamin P.Slipstream Time Hacking |Notes
McKeown, GregEssentialism
Norris, DanThe 7-Day Startup
Pearce, Joseph ChiltonThe Crack in the Cosmic Egg | Notes
Waitzkin, JoshThe Art of Learning
Willink, JockoDiscipline Equals Freedom
Cameron, JuliaThe Artist’s Way
Campbell, JosephMyths to Live By | Notes
Carse, JamesFinite and Infinite Games | Notes
Ferris, TimTools of Titans | Notes
Ferris, TimThe 4-Hour Workweek | Notes
Ferris, TimTribe of Mentors | Notes
Greene, Robert48 Laws of Power
Hill, NapoleonTruthful Living: The First Writings of Napoleon Hill
Jerzak vel Dobosz, KonradThe Secrets of Polyglots
Moran, Brian P.The 12-Week Year
Pirsig, Robert M.Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance | Notes
Sowell, ThomasA Conflict of Visions
SunziThe Art of War
Tadd, EllenThe Infinite View
Watts, Alan W.The Wisdom of Insecurity | Notes
Yudkowsky, EliezerMap and Territory | Notes