Gratitude vs ambition

What’s the opposite of gratitude?  

Ingratitude, thanklessness, or unappreciation?  

Those states are defined by what they are not: INgratitude, thankLESSness, UNappreciation. They indicate a lack: what’s missing is gratitude. Ingratitude is not the opposite of gratitude, but a state caused by the lack of it. (As thirst is not the opposite of water, but a state indicating the lack of water.)  

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Is freelancing worth it?

I start my day early, with a run.

Then I proceed through my typical morning routine: meditate, read, journal, and drink the beautiful coffee. This peaceful time is punctuated by kids wandering in, asking questions about breakfast (Yes, you have to eat it, same as every day) and chores (Yes, you have to do them) and school (Yes, you have to go) and friends (No, you can’t invite five friends for a sleepover…ever).

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