Love depends on me

The love I give doesn’t depend on the person I’m loving. It depends on me.

Here’s how I know: I love everyone in my life the same way.

I love the way I love because of who I am. I don’t know how to love people differently. I have one flavor of love, and that flavor is me. Not everyone likes it. That’s okay.

This goes the other way around, too.

Other people love me the way they love me because of who they are. Not because of who I am.

You don’t get what you deserve. No, you get what people are willing to give. You get the love they’ve decided to offer.

If someone draws a little circle around you and says, ‘Stay inside this circle and I will love you,’ you can decide if you want their love enough to stay inside that circle.

If you decide to step out of the circle, it doesn’t mean you don’t want their love, don’t crave it, don’t feel heartbroken over losing it.

It means you decided not to live inside a little circle for the rest of your life.

The person who drew the circle is the one who decided their love is only available in such a small space, under such particular conditions. That’s their business. Leave it alone.

Go find the places you do want to live.

Focus on the people whose love reaches you in those places.