Good sandwich, bad sandwich

Focusing on what matters feels like the riskiest thing to do.

You want to cover all your bases.

Diversify! Everything!

But it’s like this:

You have a loaf of bread. Those are your possibilities. One slice of bread = one possibility.

And you have a big spoonful of peanut butter and a big spoonful of jelly.  That’s you. Your resources: time, energy, money, attention, ability. A couple of heaping spoonfuls a day. (Maybe scant spoonfuls, sometimes.)

Grab two slices of bread and make one amazing sandwich. Thick and filling. A superbly made, unforgettable peanut butter and jelly masterpiece.

Or, grab six slices of bread and make three okay sandwiches. The kind your Grandma, who lived through the Depression, used to make. Not bad, but not that good. Nothing memorable here. Eat it and move on.

Or, grab the whole loaf and make a whole stack of truly pathetic sandwiches.

It’s up to you.