21 ways to pray

  1. Say hello to a tree.
  2. Sit on a beach and watch the waves.
  3. Straighten your spine and relax your shoulders.
  4. Refill the water dish.
  5. Turn notifications off.
  6. Send that funny thing to your friend.
  7. Delete several events from your calendar.
  8. Savor the perfect drink.
  9. Sweat.
  10. Open the curtains.
  11. Admire a patch of moss.
  12. Let the smile you don’t feel disappear from your face.
  13. Ignore the crumbs on the floor. No one cares. If they do care, point to the broom.
  14. Point out the fluffiest clouds.
  15. Make a really good snack.
  16. Leave a few minutes earlier for the appointment.
  17. Walk straight out of a boring conversation.
  18. Wear headphones in the grocery store.
  19. Stretch.
  20. Wear your favorite color.
  21. Make a list.