You are not broken

You are not the odd one out.
You are not the only one who gets it.
You are not all alone.

You are not broken, damaged, useless, or flawed. No, you’re not perfect either.

You have been hurt, but you are not broken.

You have lived through pain, but you are not damaged.

You have made mistakes, but you are not useless.

You have stared your weaknesses in the face. You are not flawed, you are human.

It is the uniqueness, the strangeness, the weirdness, the isolation, the weaknesses, the insecurities, the imaginative ways we see the world that allow us to be creative.

Creative people are not people who have it all together. They are people who are willing to take risks in spite of having just as good a dose of imperfection as anybody. Creative people are not good-looking, polished, and poised (they might be all of those things, but that’s not the heart). Creative people are simply people who are willing to be real.

Your creativity may be sparked from the Divine, but your humanity is what makes the creative work you do valuable to other people.

So don’t try to fix it or hide it. And don’t let it stop you. What you see as a mistake, a weakness, or a flaw may be the very thing that enables you to reach into the minds and hearts of others, speak to them, share with them, encourage them, teach them, and help them find their own risk-taking creativity.