Intuition vs. planning

Acting on your intuition is trusting yourself: your ability to learn, to adapt, to understand, to see, to decide, to act.

Acting on your intuition is assessing and deciding what matters, what is really going on, as you are in the moment.

It’s allowing the flow of reality as it plays out to interact with the internal understanding that’s going on inside you… and then making conclusions and taking action based on the truth you see in those interactions.

This is a lot different, by the way, than simply letting external circumstances or forces give you conclusions and tell you what actions to take.

Planning is often nothing but a useless endeavor to make us feel better about something that is out of our control (e.g,. reality).

However, planning is helpful. It can give us a better grasp on our priorities and our options, and help us make proactive decisions.

Planning is only helpful when it’s proactive, really; planning  gives you a starting point, a direction, and helps you sort out your priorities and the obstacles you might encounter.

Planning helps you know when to say no. Planning tells you what next step to take.

But once you move yourself forward and start taking that step, it’s all about the intuition.

In the moment, in the action, in all cases, it comes down to you and your brain and your spirit and your choices and what you do with who you are to discern and meet the need of any particular moment or situation.