Instinct vs intellect

That God is, perhaps, is the only belief I hold with any complete certainty.

And even in that, at least 40% of me knows full well that all this ‘evidence’ could be my own willful misinterpretation.


Perhaps it is.

But whatever it is in me that calls out for Something outside of me is as insistent as the need to eat, the urge to write. Maybe it would be different if I had been raised differently, given a different set of values and loyalties.

I can’t know that.

I do know that beauty – even stark, powerful, terrifying beauty – has always told me a story about things unknown. And I have listened, have been listening, my entire life.

The language is foreign to my humanity, my physicality, but it is the music of home to some other, deeper, better, buried part of who I really am.

I don’t know the story. I’m still listening. Trying to hear. Learning to be still and let the music drop through me and hit bottom, get to that place where I can understand the meaning, one half-note at a time.

My instincts know what to do.

My intellect, however, has different goals: wants to understand, analyze, categorize, extract data, gain knowledge, form a system.

My intellect would study the molecular structure of water. My instinct would stand outside and feel the rain.

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Few and consistent approach

This is an approach you can use to get what you want out of an area of life, if what you want is

a) to go deeper and be more focused in a particular area, or
b) to spend fewer resources maintaining a particular area.

If what you want is exploration, new connections, a widened network, increased and broader possibilities, access to a wide variety of elements/experiences, interaction… Continue reading

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27 ways to do more in a day

1. Plan your day ahead of time.

Make a better plan. Put 1-3 big things on your schedule with blocked-out time for each one. Don’t wing it on the important stuff. Wing it on everything else. Don’t cram it full of details.

2. Include transition time.

Don’t expect yourself to switch instantly from one task to another. Work in transition time. Give your brain and body a… Continue reading

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Everybody will help you find excuses

And help you justify those excuses. And give you ideas for some more.


We don’t want to make people feel bad. Really.

And some of those excuses are legitimate, right? It’s nicer to agree. Sympathize. Give out pats on the back.

Why rock the boat? It creates so much drama. So we don’t call each other out on our whiny excuses. We nod and smile at… Continue reading

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