5 important things about work

1. Not all work is important work, but it’s easy to waste your time on details. Learn about the difference between deep work and shallow work. Focus on the deep work. Limit the shallow work. Say no to wasting time on details.

2. Organization doesn’t matter as much as action. Say no to busy work that keeps you from taking action.
3. You are your own greatest enemy. Say no to new work when you need to. You know when you need to. New ideas, new projects, new opportunities. Starting is easier than getting through the middle and all the way to the end.
4. The world keeps turning and will expect you to keep up. Say no to unimportant stuff that gets thrown at you. Say no to time-wasters. What do you need to know about? What’s your field? What’s your expertise? What feeds your creativity? Keep up with that. Let trivia be trivia. Ignore it.
5. The rest of your life still exists. Sometimes you need to walk away from the work. Say no to becoming too focused on work. It will always be there. You can always come back to it. Don’t forget that you are a whole person. Feed your soul and care for your body and build good relationships and you will do better work.
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Weekly planning time

I have let this habit lapse for the last couple of months. So I’m writing about it to make myself start doing it again.

I like Sunday nights.
End of the week, new beginning ahead. Time to sit down, look at the week ahead, consider both my ideals and my reality, and think about how it’s all going to mesh.
It’s a good time to consider that there are always more
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End in mind

Producing creative work, freelancing, starting and running your own business is difficult, demanding work. If you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’re guaranteed to flounder and get frustrated and have more than your fair share of failures. Continue reading

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Rules of genuine authority

1. If you have “guru” anywhere on your profile, Facebook page, website, blog, or email signature, I don’t trust your authority.

2. Valid experience – plainly and clearly stated – is the best way to establish authority.

3. Peer reviews and client recommendations are the second best way to establish authority.

4. Give me those things first, then give me links to your articles and posts and so on… Continue reading

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Instinct vs intellect

That God is, perhaps, is the only belief I hold with any complete certainty.

And even in that, at least 40% of me knows full well that all this ‘evidence’ could be my own willful misinterpretation.


Perhaps it is.

But whatever it is in me that calls out for Something outside of me is as insistent as the need to eat, the urge to write… Continue reading

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