Your Business Needs Good Writing

Writing is important for every business, regardless of size.

How important? Well, how important are customers?

You get customers with good marketing.

Guess what?

Marketing is writing. Oh sure, there’s more: data, analysis, strategic planning. But without writing? All that becomes useless. Without writing you cannot communicate. Without writing your customers don’t know you exist.

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Your Business Is Your Thing

You work hard at it, every day. You know it inside and out. You give your time and energy to it. You pour your passion into your business, and you want it to succeed.

Writing is my thing.

I work hard at writing, every day. I know how words work. I give my time and energy to putting words together in a way that works for you and helps your small business succeed.

I offer two pricing options: an hourly rate or itemized pricing.

  • Hourly Rate

I charge $100/hour. If you are in your first year of business, you get the newbie rate, $85/hour, for the first 10 hours of work you book with me.

For larger projects (5+ hours),  you get a 5% discount as well as an estimate of how many hours your project will take. You can set a cap on the hours: I’ll do as much as I can within the time frame you give me.

  • Itemized Pricing

I’ve set standard rates for some of the most common writing needs that a small business will have. Click here to see my 2015 Price List.

Not sure what’s best for you? Get in touch via email and we’ll figure it out. I want to make sure you get the best value and the best options for your business.

A Friendly Reminder

All content – digital or physical, audio, visual, or textual – is based on writing.

The better your writing, the better your content.
The better your content, the better your marketing.
The better your marketing, the more success for your small business.


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