Today is your day

It’s here.



What are you going to do?

You can avoid it, turn your back to it, resist the energy calling you and the possibilities awaiting you. You can tell Today to wait on you. (It won’t, but tomorrow is around the corner, I hear.) Are you drained, exhausted, sick in body or sick at heart?

Is rest what you need today?

You can slide into a routine, thoughtlessly, auto-pilot, shifting from one activity to the next, checked out but functioning, moving, unaware, might as well be sleeping. Are you in crisis, overwhelmed, undone with choices and responsibilities, on the verge of panic?

Is routine what you need today?

You can run into it, headlong, embrace it, see the possibilities, seize the priorities, say Yes Yes Yes to all you can do and do it, create and produce and experience and relish each moment of doing. Are you rested, ready, filled, stirring and bubbling inside with thoughts and ideas?

Is creating what you need today?

You can ease into it, walk slowly through one door of potential and wait a while, see where it takes you, listen and observe, sit and be still, let consciousness come in waves and feel yourself opening, receiving, and connecting inwardly. Are you uncertain, awaiting direction, torn between options, feeling disconnected or alone?

Is contemplation what you need today?

Or you can move from one state to another. There’s no rule that says Today can be for one thing only. Rest, and let routine lead you into contemplation, and let contemplation fill you with calm and certainty, and let that certainty build into energy, and with that energy step into creating.

Today is for you.