The real You, part 3

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The real You is always there.
It may be buried under layers of junk.
It may be you’re excavating, tossing out junk and reconnecting with your real Self.

Wherever you are in the process, the operational you is a combination of the real You and the junk.

How you’re functioning in life, how in control or out of control you feel, whether you’re enjoying your daily life, if you feel connected and fulfilled… All of that depends on how much of the operational you is the real You and how much is ego-junk.

The real You recognizes, attracts, and is attracted to realness, to You-ness (from you or other people).

Junk, on the other hand, recognizes, attracts, and is attracted to junk. And does not really like Realness.

The ratio (real You:junk) that forms the operational you matters, because it creates the reality surrounding you.
(Or at least a lot of it.)

The more junk you carry inside of you, the more junk surrounds you.
The more real You are, the more what you want becomes real, too.

Have you ever wondered how two people can live through an identical situation and experience it, talk about it, and walk away from it in completely different fashion?

[Note: this is not to say that all things are under your control, or that bad things happening to you is your fault. Other people have junk, too, which is out there screwing up reality. Sometimes running into it is unavoidable.]

Operational you is working with the combination of the real You and the junk that exists in you right now.

Operational you is confused. Also kind of bloated

The real You is there, but it has to travel through layers of junk to reach the world.

So you get some great stuff going out, but there’s also some junk attached.

As you throw out more and more junk, and uncover more and more real You, the messages going out get stronger and clearer.

The more of the real You that goes out, the more good stuff comes back in. As the real You gives and receives, You gain power and space. You remember who You are more and more. As You remember who You are, You’re less fooled by or attracted to the junk.

There’s still going to be junk around, all the time, but you will know it’s junk and not You.

That’s a really important moment in your life, by the way: when you see that the junk is coming from outside in, and it isn’t really You.

Once you realize that the junk isn’t You, the power of the junk is gone. There’s still some cleanup work to do – there always will be – but the illusion is broken. So the control is broken, too.

And You are free to be the real You. That’s still the work of a lifetime, but to begin it, we need the freedom to pursue it.