The problem with outcomes

The problem with outcomes is that we don’t always know where they come from.

The desire for an outcome, I mean. Where does that desire originate?

We think we want a particular outcome, but sometimes, we find that the goal we’ve set isn’t really what matters at all.

Maybe we’re after something deeper, something different, some feeling we think the goal will give us.

There is pressure from so many different sources. There are ‘direct paths’ to ‘admirable goals’. Surprise on us all that those direct paths are hardly ever direct, and those admirable goals often turn out to be admirable for someone else.

Not for you, maybe. Not for me. But how do you know until you reach the goal?

A hint: if the majority of the actions, processes, and projects you have to do to achieve the goal aren’t enjoyable, energizing, and exciting for you, the goal probably won’t be either.