Start assuming the best

About yourself, about life, and about every single person you meet.

Assume that you have done your best, and your best will keep getting better.

Assume that you are loved, and lovely.

Assume that you have something valuable to offer. Assume that you are valuable. You are worthy. You are accepted. You are wanted. You are needed. You are admired. You are understood. You do matter.

Assume that life is taking you upward, not downward.

Assume that there are second chances and great opportunities. Assume that you will always find another open door. Assume that each change is leading to something better. Assume that there is kindness.

Assume that the people you meet are interesting, worthwhile, valid, exceptional people with burning purpose and a passion to help and a willingness to serve and something of value to offer. Assume the same about yourself. Assume that every single thing you do makes an impact. Soon it will be true.