Some guidelines

Pursue growth consciously and continuously.

Read all the time (it creates your internal landscape).

Write every day.

Simplify all that can be simplified. Use focus and simplicity to keep what matters most front and center. Also maybe to intimidate people a little bit. But don’t be an asshole.

Honesty is the price you pay for freedom. Pay it.

Get shit done. Know what you like doing and do it. Cut away the actions and outcomes that pile on top of the actual work.

Execute. Deliver. Work your work.

Take care of the people you love. Take care with the people you love. Invest in them. Spend time building community in one way or another.

Take time to learn how to use your body. Have fun with it.

Treat all people with respect. If possible, give the gift of kindness to everyone you meet. If not possible, walk away.

Protect your freedom. Know what threatens it and say no. Honor your freedom and everyone else’s. Never give your freedom away unconsciously or unwillingly.