Quit saying should

For many people, the “shoulds” of life exist because of moralistic or religious factors.
The goal is to be good.

For me, the shoulds exist because of my desire to be a better person.
The goal is to grow.
That’s an essential part of who I am. I don’t want to shut it down or cut it out.

But I hate being bullied by shoulds.

Should doesn’t help me; it just weighs me down.

Should doesn’t motivate me the way I want to be motivated.

Should is unnecessary.

If I believe in freedom as the highest value of humanity, and I do, then I need to get rid of should.
(Love can’t be the highest value. Without freedom, you cannot have love, truly, so freedom must come first.)

Should is a declaration of non-freedom.

Should is the tool of obligation.

Obligation (along with expectations, coercion, manipulation, and other forms of psychological terrorism) is in direct opposition to the idea that all people are free.

Should cannot coexist with respect.

See ya, should. I’ve got no room for you anymore.