Marketing experts I follow

I’m not in the marketing world as much anymore, but I have spent a good portion of my freelance career in marketing: B2B marketing, copy writing and editing, content strategy, so on.

What I’ve learned is that there are endless resources, blogs, sites, etc., giving endless amounts of information on marketing: what’s new, what’s best, what’s important, what’s trending, what’s working, what isn’t working.

You can easily spend hours a day keeping up with marketing news and insights. Super, because then you know a lot. Not super, because you haven’t done anything.

To work in marketing, you need a way to stay up-to-date without spending all your time staying up-to-date. My method is to find a small number of marketing experts I respect, and to keep up with what they write. Maybe 10% of the marketing blogs out there produceĀ original, insightful, comprehensive, important material. The other 90% produce copies, me-too posts, and generic write-ups of information that’s not going to make much of a difference.

Here’s my short list of marketing experts/sites to follow:

Seth Godin: insights and original thinking.

Buffer Social Media Blog: thorough, comprehensive, data-drivenĀ info.

Nicholas Bate: outside the box thinking, distills things to what really matters, always insightful.

McKinsey Marketing & Sales Blog: data-driven info.

Ryan Holiday: insights and experience.

HelpScout: insightful, comprehensive customer service info, because customer service is part of marketing.

Harvard Business Review: their marketing-related articles and studies are in-depth and practical.

Quick Sprout: Neil Patel anywhere is insightful, well-researched, and practical.

Content Marketing Institute: the light-weight of the list, but great for a quick scan of tools, trends, and news in content marketing.