If you feel okay

It’s okay to grieve what you have lost.

I mean, of course. Of course it is.

There’s nothing wrong with emotion, with the feelings of anguish and anger, but you don’t have to cling to those feelings. You don’t have to feel a certain amount of bad to validate your experience. 

If the pain fades, you can let it fade. 

If change seems positive despite what you’ll be leaving behind, you can let yourself feel excited.

You don’t have to approach every change in your life the same way.

You get to be all over the place.

And you don’t have to feel bad about feeling good. Like, if you’re dealing with a big-bad-scary-sad change, and at some point in there you look up and think, “Huh, I’m feeling kinda good today,” you can just let yourself feel that way. 

No need to explain, no need to justify, no need to compare. 

You’re not erasing anything. You don’t undo the depth of your grief by having a moment of okayness. 

We all need reprieve.