Hey you, there are no enemies

No enemies.
Not really.

There are no people who hate you. There are no people who want you to harm you. There is no one out to get you. There is no battle you need to fight, except one.

There are no enemies separate from you.

There’s only the real You and your ego. That’s the only real battleground. The ego is your only real enemy.

Every other conflict is a shit-pile. You can wallow in it as long as you want. You can even “win.” You still come out covered in shit.

There’s only You, dealing with your ego, and other people dealing with their egos, and the illusion that these egos are identities, and the make-believe stories these ego write about themselves, and the make-believe battles we fight to defend these make-believe stories created by these make-believe identities with their make-believe needs and wants.

You don’t have to go there.