Everybody will help you find excuses

And help you justify those excuses. And give you ideas for some more.


We don’t want to make people feel bad. Really.

And some of those excuses are legitimate, right? It’s nicer to agree. Sympathize. Give out pats on the back.

Why rock the boat? It creates so much drama. So we don’t call each other out on our whiny excuses. We nod and smile at the invented reasons for not doing the things we could be doing.

Not should be doing. Could be doing. You don’t have to do anything. Stay comfortable.

We help each other take it easy. “Take a break,” we say. “You deserve it.”

We give each other reasons to settle. “Nobody could have done more,” we say. “It’s too much to ask.”

Nod and smile, nod and smile.

We call it support.

It’s not support.

Support is saying, “That’s a neat bullshit excuse. Now. Do you want this thing or not?”