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a. An action is a task or item to do, a thing that is accomplished by effort, by expending energy.

b. It’s discrete, at least to some degree, and particular, meaning that it can be done by itself, free from dependencies, and within a limited amount of time.

c. Actions that take longer than a few hours should seen and understood as projects or processes.

d. An action is not an idea: it comes from an idea.

e. It’s not a resource or a tool: these are used to accomplish actions.

f. It’s not a ritual or a routine (see also): these are collections of actions done in a certain order and/or in a certain way and/or at a certain time.

g. It’s not a goal or result or an outcome: these are what you get from actions.

h. It’s not an input; it’s an output.

i. It has a price.