Editing is so much fun.

It’s like writing but instead of picking on your own writing, you get to pick on someone else’s!

All the fun of words with none of the crushing self-criticism. Sounds perfect.

Here’s what I like to edit:

Here’s what I do not like to edit:

Uh, I guess that’s it.

I also offer what I call content feedback. It’s particularly helpful for book drafts, entire websites, and long-form projects. I’ll read your work and give you thoughtful, detailed feedback on the voice, structure, clarity, and messaging, as well as suggestions on how to improve it.


I charge a flat hourly rate for editing because that avoids us having to negotiate over whether it’s proofreading or editing, light copy editing or substantive editing, and so on. If it’s lighter editing, I’ll get through more pages in an hour. If it’s more substantive editing, it’s going to take me longer. Either way, you know what the hourly rate is and can set your hourly cap accordingly.

I can promise that I edit as quickly as I can; I like to get through a project. But the key to good editing is a thorough attention to detail. That takes time.

Get in touch if you have an editing job to talk about.