Bullet journal

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a. A simple, analog system for keeping track of your shit. Brainchild of Ryder Carroll.

b. A natural step for notebook users, paper lovers, journalers, folks with an office-supply obsession.

Right: Used journals from the last 4 months. Left: New, empty, beautiful notebooks of potential.

c. Infinitely adjustable.

d. Can be minimalist.

e. Can be messy.

f. Can be creative, artistic, beautiful.

Lily drew a picture of her and her imaginary friend Tanner

g. Can work well with just a few consistent minutes each day.

h. Can be a labor of love, a hobby, a way to develop your voice and ideas.

i. Make it full of what your life is. Make lists of anything. Keep track of your projects. Save quotes, take notes, jot down ideas. Journal. Use as a commonplace book. Review and reflect. Record your growth.

Mara did some doodles with me.