These lotuses and stages are to be traversed by rigid meditation upon one’s own Self and the adjoining nerve tissues of the centre are called particular lotuses. We have Muludhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura; Bisuddha Chakra, Anahata, Ajna Chakra and Sahasrar. Thus worshipping these representations one is worshipping his Ownself or Ego. Hence no rigid ritualities are ordained neither any caste distinction nor speciality of persons are required. Every person can worship Siva quite independently. It is the most non-sectarian, non-bigoted form of worship. This worship is the worthy self projection or super-imposition of one’s own Self or Adhyas of the Atman as symbolized in some material casing or stone representation.

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe by Rishi Singh Gherwal


Investigation must not be limited, nor must it be unlimited. In this undefinedness there is an actuality. Time does not change it. It cannot suffer diminution. May we not, then, call it our great Guide?

Chuang Tzu


THERE is no personal virtue in me other than this that I followed a path all may travel but on which few do journey. It is a path within ourselves where the feet first falter in shadow and darkness but which is later made gay by heavenly light.

George William Russell

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June 30, 2017