This whole physiological representation is symbolized in stone image known as Sthanu and Gauripatta. The worshipper is to unloosen a bit of clog or small globule on the top of the Sthanu and then the worship will begin, because it is supposed that the internal passage to the higher plane is naturally blocked up which must be removed, so that the internal flow or the passage of energy might come up to the highest plane known as Sahasrar. To put in Psychological language the Atman or the Ego which is supposed to be inside the hollow canal or Susumna of the person is to be worshipped or meditated upon. From the down plexus six stages are mentioned as lotuses.

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe by Rishi Singh Gherwal


The great Space is all-receptive. The great Truth is all-exacting. The great Law is all-binding.

The ultimate end is God. He is manifested in the laws of nature. He is the hidden spring. At the beginning, he was. This, however, is inexplicable. It is unknowable. But from the unknowable we reach the known.

Chuang Tzu


Then do we move in miracle and wonder. Then does the universe appear to us as it did to the Indian sage who said that to him who was perfect in meditation all rivers were sacred as the Ganges and all speech was holy.

George William Russell

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June 29, 2017