Chapter IX

116. If a man would hasten towards the good, he should keep his thought away from evil; if a man does what is good slothfully, his mind delights in evil.

117. If a man commits a sin, let him not do it again; let him not delight in sin: pain is the outcome of evil.

118. If a man does what is good, let him do it again; let him delight in it: happiness is the outcome of good.


The child who is decked with prince’s robes and who has jewelled chains round his neck loses all pleasure in his play; his dress hampers him at every step.
In fear that it may be frayed, or stained with dust he keeps himself from the world, and is afraid even to move.
Mother, it is no gain, thy bondage of finery, if it keep one shut off from the healthful dust of the earth, if it rob one of the right of entrance to the great fair of common human life.

Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore

Those Perfections… which according to the Natural Order of Things, require long Periods of Time for their Consummation, although the Absolute Power of God (if it had pleased him) could have accelerated or hastened all Things, and effected it in one moment.

Anne Finch

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May 28, 2017