What is Lingam? We must think deeply and make out its real explanation. Lingam means sign or symbol. Worship of Such Divine Symbol is a current usage amongst all nations of the world. The Hindus worship Lingam, the Bouddhas, Stupa, the Mahomedans, a Blue Stone Pulpit in Kaba and the Christians a Cross Staff; thus almost every great nation worships a Divine symbol of whatever shape it may be. The modern historians are of opinion that the Buddhistic Stupa or Pagoda was transformed into Siva Lingam by mighty influence of Acharya Sankara. But actually the worship of Siva Lingam is being practised by the Hindus from unknown pre-historic time.

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe by Rishi Singh Gherwal


A man’s knowledge is limited; but it is upon what he does not know that he depends to extend his knowledge to the apprehension of God.

Chuang Tzu


Man becomes truly the Superman when he has this proud consciousness. No matter where he may be, in what seeming obscurity, he is still the King, still master of his fate, and circumstance reels about him or is still as he, in the solitude of his spirit, is mighty or is humble.

George William Russell

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June 26, 2017