The Yoga Aphorisms.–Chapter III–IV

Why should I be bound by one system of nerves, and put the Ego only in one body, if the mind is omnipresent? There is no reason why I should. The YOGI wants to feel the Ego wherever he likes. The mental waves which arise in the absence of egoism in the body are called ‘real modifications’ or ‘great disembodiedness.’ When he has succeeded in making SAMYAMA on these modifications, all covering to light goes away, and all darkness and ignorance vanish. Everything appears to him to be full of knowledge. The mind in its foolishness thinks that it is working in this body.

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe by Rishi Singh Gherwal


Therefore all things are One. What we love is animation. What we hate is corruption. But corruption in its turn becomes animation, and animation once more becomes corruption.

Chuang Tzu


It is those who live and grow swiftly, and who continually compare what is without with what is within, who have this certainty. Those who do not change see no change and recognise no law.

George William Russell

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June 22, 2017