The procedure is simple.

Find your city center. Face it squarely. Plant your feet. Stand straight and tall.

No one knows how important these details are.

Lean into the center as much as you can without accidentally porting through. Then – all at once – spin 180 degrees and lock your eyes on the thin black band that is your furthest horizon. If you do it right, the band will get thicker as you watch.

At this point, the stories about what happens next get varied.

Some say that if you don’t look away, the black band of horizon will expand until it consumes the entire sky and then it will consume you.

Others say it will wash over and through you and it is harmless.

No one knows for sure. Because if you do it – if you chase the horizon all the way out of the City – you don’t ever come back.

Photo by Himanshu Singh Gurjar on Unsplash

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May 1, 2018