Salutation to the Siva, who is in the form of power of all science, the Nada and Bindu. Any one devoted to these will obtain the state which is above the Maya…

Samadhi is many stages, but any Samadhi can destroy the enemy death, and bring one to the Divine State of Supreme Bliss.

When the Prana (Vital or Life Force) and mind are controlled, a state of harmony arises–that is Samadhi. As salt thrown in water becomes one with the water, so the controlled mind becomes one with Atma–that is Samadhi.

Those who really understand the greatness of Yoga, and obtain it thru practice, and by the help of a kind Guru, are emancipated.

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe by Rishi Singh Gherwal


Books are what the world values as representing Tao. But books are only words, and the valuable part of words is the thought therein contained. That thought has a certain bias which cannot be conveyed in words, yet the world values words as being the essence of books. But though the world values them, they are not of value; as that sense in which the world values them is not the sense in which they are valuable. . . .

Chuang Tzu


I met these people seemingly by accident along is country roads, or I entered into conversation with strangers and found they were intimates of the spirit. I could prophesy from the uprising of new moods in myself that I, without search, would soon meet people of a certain character, and so I met them.

George William Russell

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June 17, 2017