All danger is caused by ignorance. There is no danger that comes from wisdom.

“He is mightier who controls his spirit, than he who conquers the city.”

All the dangers come from uncontrolled mind. If every one would control the mind, all the miseries of this world would cease. All inharmony in the home is caused by lack of understanding of each other, and uncontrolled thoughts.

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe by Rishi Singh Gherwal


Swiftly and soon the golden sun goes down,
The blue sky wells afar into the night;
Tao is the changeful world’s environment,
Happy are they that in its laws delight.

Tao gives me toil–youth’s passion to achieve,
And leisure in life’s autumn and decay:
I follow Tao,–the seasons are my friends
Opposing it, misfortune comes my way.

Po Chu-i


I waited trembling for the faintest touch, the shyest breathing of the Everlasting within my soul, the sign of reception and forgiveness. I knew it would come.

George William Russell

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June 1, 2017