You can hire me to do stuff I love and am good at, which includes the following:

Content help for small teamsstrategy, blog posts, getting your content sh*t together, building a system, internal training, you know: all the stuff you should be doing but don’t have time to do.

Writing courses: teaching you how to write faster and better and with lots more joy because writing doesn’t have to be painful.

Blogging: because I love blogging. And guess what? It is definitely very much not dead.

Ghostwriting: because it’s just blogging (which I love) while pretending to be someone else. Can I wear a costume? Okay? Yeah. This will be great.

Editing: what’s more fun than writing your own words? Critiquing someone else’s.

Copywriting: only sometimes, for special people.

Rates: I work hourly, per project, or per word.