You’re a great person. Right now. No changes necessary. Who you are is fundamentally amazing, and valuable, and creative.

The problem is that who you are gets buried by all the junk in our universe.

There’s plenty of advice out there, like “follow your passion” or “build the life you want.”

But how do you follow your passion when you’re too tired and confused to know what your passion is? And how do you build the life you want when you’ve gotta survive?

Most of the advice about personal growth and success and fulfillment seems to depend on changing, improving, escaping, fixing.

But you don’t need to do that stuff. The real you, full of joy, desire, energy, inspiration, and power, is already there. It’s just buried, squashed, and forgotten.

This book will not change you or help you or make you better. It doesn’t need to. You were not a sad, angry, exhausted asshole when you were born. And you don’t have to keep acting like one now. You’ve forgotten who you really are.

This book will help you start remembering. That’s it.

You don’t need to fix yourself. You’re not broken.

You don’t need to find yourself. You’re not lost.

You just need to see the real you that is already there.

Get it now on Amazon; only $5.99. (Click the cover!)

Maybe you don’t need the book. Maybe all you need today is a little reminder: you’re enough, just as you are, and you matter right here and right now.

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