The nonfiction course you’ve been dreaming of

Wait, you do dream about nonfiction writing courses, right?



Well, at any rate, I do. There are lots of writing courses out there. Most of them are for

  • fiction writing
  • how to get started freelancing
  • how to keep going in freelancing
  • how to get more gigs in freelancing
  • various secrets of success in freelancing
  • bits and bobs on

Marketing experts I follow

I’m not in the marketing world as much anymore, but I have spent a good portion of my freelance career in marketing: B2B marketing, copy writing and editing, content strategy, so on.

What I’ve learned is that there are endless resources, blogs, sites, etc., giving endless amounts of information on marketing: what’s new, what’s best, what’s important, what’s trending, what’s working, what isn’t working.

You can easily spend… Continue reading


Simple rules, again

There is a pattern in many of my failures, my unsuccessful attempts at… whatever: I got too complicated. I created too many rules. I overwhelmed myself because the mental effort of remembering and following and tinkering with and optimizing and applying the rules was too much. The complication depleted my energy and intellectual capacity. I used up my power managing a complex system rather than doing the thing I wanted… Continue reading