Why you (yes, you) need to be a better writer (and how to get started)

More people need more content for more reasons, and that means that people are doing more writing.

Part of me thinks that’s really cool, because words! are! great! and I like that more people are using them and (one hopes) appreciating them.

Part of me weeps softly in the corner over my thesaurus and a well-worn copy of The Little, Brown Handbook.

Somewhere between the hundredth listicle… Continue reading


How I organize my writing

This is a brief look at how I keep my writing organized, because I like hearing how other people organize their writing.

Also, did I say brief? Haha. Let’s not take that as a guarantee, okay?

Tools I’m using

I use Ulysses and I love it with all my heart. It’s smart and easy to use, streamlined but powerful. I can publish directly to Wordpress, write… Continue reading


The nonfiction course you’ve been dreaming of

Wait, you do dream about nonfiction writing courses, right?



Well, at any rate, I do. There are lots of writing courses out there. Most of them are for

  • fiction writing
  • how to get started freelancing
  • how to keep going in freelancing
  • how to get more gigs in freelancing
  • various secrets of success in freelancing
  • bits and bobs on