After is better

Brain dump

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a. Simple action, one goal: get it out of your head and onto some reference point (paper, screen, recording) so that you can free up mental space to do work (instead of just storing a list of work to do).

b. Paper method: get a piece of paper, notebook, index cards, whatever. Spend 10 minutes writing down every single thing you… Continue reading



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a. Not falling over.

b. A good excuse for not wholeheartedly pursuing whatever it is you really love.

c. Important if you are an acrobat, trapeze artist, tightrope walker, unicyclist.

d. Maybe not as important as we think it is for everyone else.

e. A thing you might have to sacrifice to live a life that matters, a… Continue reading



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a. The act of attending to someone or something, taking notice, turning your inward and outward senses toward in order to perceive and understand.

b. You can have different types of attention.

  • Cursory attention (fleeting)
  • Demanded attention (obligatory)
  • Chosen attention (free, undivided)

When the third type/level of attention becomes intent, full, it is focus.

c… Continue reading

An essential practice


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a. Percolating is the action of filtering gradually through a collection or substance.

b. Percolating is the essential second step in the creative process.

Creative work requires three legitimate steps:

  1. Taking in information — observation — idea-gathering.
  2. Giving our brains time to filter, sort, analyze, connect what we’ve taken in.
  3. Creating, building, from what we’ve gained
Trust the process


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a. A series of actions. (Simple enough.)

b. A series of actions that must be completed to build a particular product: “follow this aardvarking process to create a new aardvark.”

c. A series of actions which an artist/knowledge worker (you? yes. you!) follows to do creative work, i.e. “creative process.”

d. A series of actions that must be… Continue reading