Clutter is not mess


a. Things you have no use for; things which are just there. Mental or physical, psychic or tangible: unnecessary, unhelpful, often harmful though in a slow, creeping, insidious way that you might not notice.

b. Different than mess. Mess is produced by making, creating, exploring, discovering, playing, working, learning… You know, living. Mess is a natural byproduct of life. Mess is the stack of books you’ve read or want… Continue reading

Make more cookies

Batch processing

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a. Doing a set of a certain task all at once, rather than doing each task on an individual basis.

b. Think of it like making a batch of something. You wouldn’t make just one cookie; you’d make a batch of cookies. (If you would make just one cookie, we can’t be friends.) It’s not more work to make a batch… Continue reading