Joy is not an extra

Do you find joy in the daily processes of your regular boring life?




Why not?

Joy in the process isn’t an extra or a bonus or a maybe. It’s a basic requirement.

I’m serious. You should be, too. Joy is no laughing matter, my friend! Joy is essential. Joy is breath. Joy is energy. Joy is your birthright.

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Batch processing

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a. Doing a set of a certain task all at once, rather than doing each task on an individual basis.

b. Think of it like making a batch of something. You wouldn’t make just one cookie; you’d make a batch of cookies. (If you would make just one cookie, we can’t be friends.) It’s not more work to make a batch… Continue reading

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Creating and copying

To create means to make something new.

Kind of.

You don’t create out of thin air.

You start with raw material, which exists along some spectrum of “rawness.”

Maybe it’s a lump of clay, a bunch of words in your head, a few notes of music, or a pile of lumber. Maybe it’s a photo, a folk song, a quote, an antique chair, a pile of flour… Continue reading

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