Brain dump

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a. Simple action, one goal: get it out of your head and onto some reference point (paper, screen, recording) so that you can free up mental space to do work (instead of just storing a list of work to do).

b. Paper method: get a piece of paper, notebook, index cards, whatever. Spend 10 minutes writing down every single thing you… Continue reading

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Research notes: the pursuit of comfort

Topic: the human search (drive, desire) for comfort.

Starting points

  • Comfort-seeking behavior in humans
  • Comfort as a motivation
  • Comfort as related to fear: fear as enabler for survival, then security, then to comfort. How do those things all relate to one another? Diverge from one another?
  • The effect of comfort-seeking
  • Comfort-seeking vs. risk-seeking — is that really a true dichotomy? Because for
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