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a. The act of attending to someone or something, taking notice, turning your inward and outward senses toward in order to perceive and understand.

b. You can have different types of attention.

  • Cursory attention (fleeting)
  • Demanded attention (obligatory)
  • Chosen attention (free, undivided)

When the third type/level of attention becomes intent, full, it is focus.

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How to start your week right

Anytime you want. It doesn’t have to begin on Monday morning, or Sunday evening, or whenever your standard “start time” is… You’ve botched a couple of days, or got sick? Okay. It happens. Breathe, and start your week when you decide to start it. Now. In an hour. Tomorrow morning.

With room for restarts. Restarts are allowed.

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50 ways to stay confused and afraid

1. Look for advice and solutions on social media.

2. Stay busy. A packed schedule is the sign of a meaningful life.

3. Say yes to everything.

4. Accept guilt as a valid indicator.

5. Never sit still.

6. Consume all the information before you without any thought about its source or perspective.

7. Keep up with trends.

8. Watch the news. Read the… Continue reading

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