25 June | Sacred Readings v1


His worship required no particular arrangement,–He is ever satisfied with two little prayers and offerings,–a drop of water, a leaf of bel and cheek-slap sounds only please Him the most. We have no second thing to offer to Him, the Atman or Soul is the only object of His offer. In His well-known hymn of salutation we find the following expression:–‘We bow Thee down O God, full of infinite and calmness and the root cause of all the three worlds. I offer my soul unto Thee. Thou God of gods and Goal of all.” Surrendering of the Self is His only mode of worship, which transform an earthly being to Divine being full of heavenly bliss.

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe by Rishi Singh Gherwal


For man’s intellect, however keen, face to face with the countless evolutions of things, their death and birth, their squareness and roundness,–can never reach the root. There creation is, and there it has ever been.

Chuang Tzu


What we are alone has power. We may give up the outward personal struggle and ambition, and if we leave all to the Law all that is rightly ours will be paid.

George William Russell

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24 June | Sacred Readings v1


The Thousand Names

990. Thou art ever known by Meditation.
991. Thou art above the Six Methods.
992. Thou art Just and Compassionate.
993. Thou art the Light that dispels the Darkness.
994. Thou art ever known to Children.
995. At Thy command, all obey.
996. Thou art residing in the Six Chakras.
997. Thou art the Divine.
998. Thou art the Divine Siva.
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23 June | Sacred Readings v1


The Thousand Names

1. The Holy Mother.
2. The Great Queen.
3. The Ruler of the Highest Throne.
4. Thou art born from the Altar of Fire (dispeller of ignorance and darkness).
5. Thou art manifested for the seeker of Devas (to kill the Asura darkness).
6. Thou shineth greater than a thousand suns.
7. Thou hast four arms.
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22 June | Sacred Readings v1

The Yoga Aphorisms.–Chapter III–IV

Why should I be bound by one system of nerves, and put the Ego only in one body, if the mind is omnipresent? There is no reason why I should. The YOGI wants to feel the Ego wherever he likes. The mental waves which arise in the absence of egoism in the body are called ‘real modifications’ or ‘great disembodiedness.’ When he has succeeded in… Continue reading

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21 June | Sacred Readings v1

The Yoga Aphorisms.–Chapter III–IV

1. Dharana is holding the mind on to some particular object.

2–An unbroken flow of knowledge in that object is Dhyana.

3–When that, giving up all forms, reflects only the meaning, it is Samadhi.

4–(These) three (when practiced) in regard to one object is Samyama.

5–By the conquest of that comes light of knowledge

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe

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