the real You has been there all along

The real You, part 1

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So it’s like this.

You exist in this fullness. When you are born, you are already full and complete and perfect. Everything is potential. So much possibility. No limits. It’s exhilarating and exciting and you’re unstoppable.

You have all this love and power and goodness in who you are and… Continue reading


Book notes: The Silence of the Heart by Paul Ferrini

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The first book I read of Ferrini’s is Love Without Conditions. It’s written in direct address, simply, boldly. This book, The Silence of the Heart, follows it, though it can stand alone as its own book.

There is some repetition in the two books, which could get annoying. However, I find that Ferrini’s… Continue reading

You are not broken

You are not broken

You are not the odd one out.
You are not the only one who gets it.
You are not all alone.

You are not broken, damaged, useless, or flawed. No, you’re not perfect either.

You have been hurt, but you are not broken.

You have lived through pain, but you are not damaged.

You have made mistakes, but you are not useless.

You have stared… Continue reading