Maybe you're the jerk

Hey you, there are no enemies

No enemies.
Not really.

There are no people who hate you. There are no people who want you to harm you. There is no one out to get you. There is no battle you need to fight, except one.

There are no enemies separate from you.

There’s only the real You and your ego. That’s the only real battleground. The ego is your only real… Continue reading

the real You has been there all along

The real You, part 2

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We were talking about the real You, and how it gets shoved deeper, compressed. Hidden. Ignored. Forgotten.

When you start out, and there’s no junk yet, it’s so easy for you to be you and send your Youness out into the world. There are no barriers, no filters, no screening… Continue reading

First respect.

Kindness and respect

I was thinking about this idea of respect as the baseline again.

It’s like this:

  • Respect is what we owe one another. It’s the basic price we (should) pay for human interaction.
  • Kindness is what we give to each other. We can choose to give it or not.

When someone offers you kindness without first giving you respect, it’s insulting.

It’s… Continue reading