the real You has been there all along

The real You, part 5

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Signs that the real You is buried and needs excavating:

▢ lack of joy in the daily processes of life, or any processes, or even achievements. (Relief is maybe the emotion you feel when “something good” happens, but you’ve kind of lost touch with joy as a real sensation in… Continue reading

Like Switzerland

Neutral items on your inventory

Nothing is really neutral.

Every input or output of your life is influencing you one way or another.

However, some of the items have such negligible influence that messing around with them is a waste of energy.

You’re not going to feel their effect, not very much, maybe not for a long while.

There is a time and a place for assessing… Continue reading

First do inventory

Taking inventory (inputs and outputs)

If you feel like your life is out of control, try this:

Step 1: Take inventory

To understand what is actually happening in your life – which is a step you need to take in order to take control of what is happening in your life – take inventory. Do this first, before you make any changes. Until you take inventory, you don’t know what you need to change… Continue reading