The nonfiction course you’ve been dreaming of

Wait, you do dream about nonfiction writing courses, right?



Well, at any rate, I do. There are lots of writing courses out there. Most of them are for

  • fiction writing
  • how to get started freelancing
  • how to keep going in freelancing
  • how to get more gigs in freelancing
  • various secrets of success in freelancing
  • bits and bobs on
Writing vs content

Content, writing, and gates

There’s writing and then there’s content.

It’s an unfortunate distinction. It sets up a dichotomy that doesn’t have to be there. It creates a content versus writing situation, in which “real writers” look down on content creation as a lower, commercialized activity. This isn’t new. Real writers have always been looking down on commercial writing, then remembering they have to eat, and then rethinking their standards.

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