It's okay

If you are strong, you will be misunderstood

…[it is] everyone’s story, every last one of us could have done more, a creation or two more than we have done, and while it is our own fault, it is not all our own fault, and so I still feel rage at the cowardice of our time which has ground down all of us into the mediocre compromises of what had been once our light-filled passion to stand erect… Continue reading

Fear can be helpful.

Some things you need to know about fear

Fear is a primary motivation for a lot of our behaviors.

Sometimes that’s good. Fear is a functional response, and it serves a purpose.

The problem is that fear – this important, built-in alert system— has no off setting. That’s good, because you can’t always predict danger, and you need your alert system to be on when threats arise unexpectedly. (After all, if you know a threat is… Continue reading

the real You has been there all along

The real You, part 2

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We were talking about the real You, and how it gets shoved deeper, compressed. Hidden. Ignored. Forgotten.

When you start out, and there’s no junk yet, it’s so easy for you to be you and send your Youness out into the world. There are no barriers, no filters, no screening… Continue reading

First respect.

Kindness and respect

I was thinking about this idea of respect as the baseline again.

It’s like this:

  • Respect is what we owe one another. It’s the basic price we (should) pay for human interaction.
  • Kindness is what we give to each other. We can choose to give it or not.

When someone offers you kindness without first giving you respect, it’s insulting.

It’s… Continue reading