03 January | Sacred Readings v1


So came the Gods to Ífè.
Then of an age of passing months untold
By wanings of the Moon our lore repeats
The dirge of wasting hopes and the lament
Of a people in a strange World shuddering
Beneath the thunder of the unseen waves
On crumbling shores around. Always the marsh
Pressed eagerly on Ífè; but ever the Bird
Returned with the unconquerable sand
Ojúmu… Continue reading

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02 January | Sacred Readings v1


They went away;
But still with us their altars and their priests
Remain, and from their shrines the hidden Gods
Peer forth with joy to watch the dance they taught,
And hear each night their chorus with the drum:
For changeless here the early World endures
In this first stronghold of humanity,
And, constant as the buffets of the waves
Of Queen Olókun on the shore… Continue reading

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01 January | Sacred Readings v1


Yet — I prevailed.
Think, now, if the accomplished whole be Heaven,
How wonderful the anxious years of slow
And hazardous achievement—a destiny
For Gods. But yours it has not been to lead
Creation by the cliff’s-edge way from Mass
To Paradise.” He paused on the remembrance,
And Great Orísha cried: “Can we do naught?
What use in godhead without deeds to do?
Where yearns a… Continue reading

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