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Book notes: Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

I find it harder to write reviews of fiction than of nonfiction. I think it’s because, once we get past the basic questions (Can this author write a decent sentence? Do they understand grammar? Is there an actual plot? Are the characters believable?) we get to subjective questions.

For example, I hated Moby Dick with all the whale-hunting passion of a true Ahab.

I never got through anything… Continue reading


The nonfiction course you’ve been dreaming of

Wait, you do dream about nonfiction writing courses, right?



Well, at any rate, I do. There are lots of writing courses out there. Most of them are for

  • fiction writing
  • how to get started freelancing
  • how to keep going in freelancing
  • how to get more gigs in freelancing
  • various secrets of success in freelancing
  • bits and bobs on

Weekly review, 17 June 2017


  • The Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher

…which is my favorite food book ever, in the universe, and I’ve coveted a copy of my own for years and years. Why didn’t I buy it for myself before now? Have no idea. No good reason. Anyway I put it on my Amazon book wishlist and my husband bought it for me! Early birthday present, winning, and I’m… Continue reading

Not the same

Instant gratification vs feeling good

I like to feel good.

You like to feel good.

But we’re afraid to judge things by how they make us feel.

We know some things that seem to make us feel good don’t. Not really. Some things give us a gratification hit, a little emotional boost, but aren’t good for us. If we follow the feeling good path, it might lead to bad results… Continue reading