When the Trees Speak | Prologue

Her first memory was the trees. Their wide green arms hovering over her, protecting her, filtering everything – sun, air, water – in perfect portions. The way they moved. The shelter. The rhythm. The whispering that never ended completely, but faded in and out, lulling her to sleep.

Her second memory was of boots. Black boots, large, laced up tight, thudding darkly on the earth, next to her head… Continue reading


In the Beginning

In the beginning, and this is something they don’t ever talk about, is that there are bubbles.

Like, so. The water is rumbling over the face of the deep or whatever, and what do you have to have beneath the water? The dirt. That’s right.

Because if you’re planet building, as you are, well, you have to have all the dirt you’ll need, right there. You don’t want… Continue reading



The tumor hung in his belly like an anvil.

A very small anvil. A round one. Maybe not an anvil, that was too heavy, it was more like a baseball, or an orange, one of the big, really juicy ones. Or it could be – yes, this was it – a cluster of grapes. The fat, globe-shaped kind, with the seeds. Big seeds. He never got them, because of… Continue reading


With giving of thanks (and fixing of generators)

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends!

We are planning a get-together with friends to be thankful and stuff our faces together. No power means no oven means I have a flawless excuse for ordering two smoked turkeys (from Rincon’s resident BBQ expert Ryan Reed, hailing from none other than Kansas City)…rather than roasting them myself.

Robbie turned 10 yesterday! We had a surf party, which turned out… Continue reading


Water, glorious water


Yesterday morning, this miracle occurred. Coincidentally, yesterday was Day 50 since Maria. And on this day, let it be noted, God above in great beneficence and the Autoridad de Acueductos saw fit to open the floodgates and send in the water. I think it’s a combination of all your WATER


Things I don’t miss, things I do

Hi again from Puerto Rico!

Power is back on in the central area of our town (not at our house), which means more businesses open and more places with wifi! That’s pretty exciting, although I’ve discovered something crazy….
Are you ready?
I don’t miss social media.
At all.
Not even a little.
And I don’t miss email at all.
And I don’t miss random, negative news stories.
And I… Continue reading


Puerto Rico Se Levanta, and a post-hurricane prayer for you


Today Joe and I are out searching for parts and wifi. We are doing well. I want to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to so many friends and family members, and friends of friends, who have sent us things – much needed and welcomed things, from a chain sharpener to tools and supplies to snacks and food – as well as so generously donating… Continue reading


Alive together: Life in a post-hurricane world

Hi friends and family.

So, there was a hurricane. You may have heard. A crazy powerful devastating hurricane that ripped through this island and tore people’s lives apart.

We are all okay. The home we rent was undamaged (amazingly) and kept us safe and (mostly) dry.

The kids got a 2-week vacation from school and had a great time playing and building a fort in the big… Continue reading