How to hold on, and when to give up

I have some experience in this, in holding on. I also have a good bit of experience in giving up. I can tell you that both are painful. Holding on is painful. Giving up, also, is painful.

I wanted to give up when I was 26 years old, married, completely confused about what marriage was supposed to be, with a toddler and a brand new baby. It was November… Continue reading

The Donut Man

 She was particularly pleased with this incarnation, and she told them so. Credit where credit’s due, after all. She paused, wondering when she’d picked up that phrase; it was definitely an earth-saying. The nose was lovely, narrow and straight and flared at the nostrils. Suggestive of something, she wasn’t sure what. But she liked it. And the skin
Let it grow let it grow!

2018, what will you bring to us?

More importantly, what do we have to bring to this year, this new stretch of days before us?
What will we create this year?
What will we plant, what seeds of desire and intention and focus will we put into the soil this year?
Which of those seeds will we nurture – with attention and energy, action and faith, diligence and generosity and joy – and which will we neglect?… Continue reading

Oh the humanity!

The inexplicable beauty of humanity! Or, 17 things I learned about people in 2017

1. You don’t need to have stuff in common – other than your shared humanity – in order to interact with people and (even) be friends with people.

Common background or common interests or a common belief system or any real basis of commonality.

Entirely optional.

It helps, with the friendship part, if you like each other. But it’s not required to like someone to have an interesting… Continue reading

Sitting on the beach working on laptop while kids play.

What work really is, or 17 things I learned about productivity in 2017

1.  Workflow (as a defined process of tools and methods and routines) is different than work-flow or working in flow or flowing (as a state of mind in which work is focused, fluid, absorbing and fulfilling).

Workflow depends on a lot of things, like apps and your playlist and your tools and updates and wifi speed and battery life and deadlines and email dings and so on. Working in flow… Continue reading

What is this daily small miracle we have

Hey there again, friends!

It looks like light, bright bright light. It sounds like a fan blowing, a refrigerator humming, music playing.

That’s right.

It’s POWER, baby. (Well, it’s electricity. The real power is in us, you know.)

This miracle occurred last night. We drove home after a long day of doctor visits, x-rays, and errands. I was feeling